Switch to Hamilton State Bank

Switching your bank accounts to Hamilton State Bank isn't nearly the hassle you may expect. In fact, we feel confident that you will be surprised at how easy it is and how much hands-on attention we will give you to make sure it is done right. We make the process a smooth transition.

The first step for the transition is to gather the information you need to help us help you. To assist us in establishing your Hamilton State Bank accounts, please refer to the following forms included in this information:

  • New Account Application Information
  • Authorization to Change Direct Deposit
  • Authorization of Automatic Payment
  • Authorization to Close Account
  • Automatic Payment Checklist

To make the switch, simply follow these five steps outlined below:

  1. Open a checking account at any of our convenient branches. Make sure you bring Attachment A with you along with your photo identification.
  2. Discontinue using your old account. It could take up to two statement cycles for all your outstanding checks and items to clear your account. In the meantime, destroy any unused checks, deposit slips, ATM cards and check cards.
  3. Establish direct deposit with your new account. Send Attachment B to your employer so they can begin processing payroll to your new account.
  4. Change automatic withdrawals. Print or copy Attachment C and use it to change automatic payments or withdrawals. Don't forget about payments made with your check card. For these, simply contact your Biller and provide your new card number and expiration date.
  5. Close your old checking account. You should not have to go to the bank to close your old checking account. After all checks and debits have cleared, simply complete and send Attachment D to your former bank. If there is a remaining balance, ask them to send it to you by check.

Use this checklist to ensure all account activities are included when signing up for automatic payment. This is also helpful when setting up payments through Internet banking.

Website: www.hamiltonstatebank.com
Telebanc: 1-877-527-2716
New Account Support: 770-868-2660